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  1. Read descriptions of courses that interest you.  Check if there are any prerequisites.
  2. Carefully read the graduation requirements and required courses.
  3. Discuss the options you are considering with your parents, counsellor, and teachers.
  4. Make careful selections, as changes are often not possible due to classes being at maximum size when the timetable is built.


  1. What courses MUST I take (required courses for graduation)?
  2. What courses must I take to enter colleges, technical schools or universities? (keep as many doors open as you can!)
  3. Am I developing my full potential?
  4. What will be the total time demand of my learning program?


  • My School Day is a free app for iOS and Android devices.
  • My School Day helps you keep track of the block order and your class schedule.
  • You are able to type homework or important notes into the app.
  • Links to My School Day on the App Store and Play Store can be found below.
It is the responsibility of each student to ensure their course selection meets all BC Graduation Requirements as well as the entrance requirements to the post-secondary program or institution.

Principal's Message

Welcome to Walnut Grove Secondary. It is one of the most exciting, passionate, and innovative schools in British Columbia. As one of the largest schools in the province, we feel fortunate that we can offer so many exciting opportunities for our students. Your success as you go through high school is not only based on hard work, but it is also based on choices. We urge you to go over this website with your parents as you go through your Grade 8 – 12 years.

Because Walnut Grove is such a large school, we have a comprehensive array of programs and courses that students can choose. With this large amount of choice, however, can come confusion. We urge you to contact your teen’s counsellor if you need more information about the direction that you may want to move in.

Our hope is that this Course Planning website will assist you with making some of those decisions. It provides detailed information about the courses and programs that we offer while also giving you a sense of what your future years at WGSS may look like. The Course Planning website also provides you with some important dates and deadlines and answers to some frequently asked questions we get from both students and parents.

We look forward to having you as part of the WGSS learning community!

Jeremy Lyndon

WGSS Principal

WGSS Counselling Team

Our Counsellors and Career Advisor at WGSS assist students in their developmental journey through their academic, career, personal and social challenges. The WGSS Counselling Team works closely with students, staff, parents, and the community with the goal of helping students develop the qualities they need to become self-reliant, responsible individuals.

Counsellors also provide assistance with program planning, timetable concerns, post-secondary and scholarship information, as well as information on alternate programs such as summer school and distance education. We have access to a wide range of community services, and can assist in suggesting resources for families, parents and students who need on-going counselling or therapy.

Our Career Advisor helps students (and their families) to explore occupational options, volunteer opportunities, and dual-credit programs (e.g. Youth Work in Trades, Youth Train in Trades programs and work experience). Our Counsellors assist students with ensuring they meet graduation requirements and entrance requirements for the post-secondary programs they are considering pursuing after high school.

Appointments can be made to see one of the counselling team through the link to their calendars. Students may also use TEAMS to contact their counsellor when they have questions. Parent inquiries are also welcomed by e-mail or phone messages.

We are here to help guide your course selections


Monday - Friday 8 AM - 3:30 PM

8919 Walnut Grove Drive Langley, BC V1M 2N7