As one of the largest high schools in British Columbia, Walnut Grove Secondary’s Arts Education department offers an amazing assortment of classes that are sure to meet every interest and skill level. We offer over 45 amazing courses in Band, Ceramics, Choir, Dance, Drama, Fine Arts, Guitar, Photography, Yearbook—with teachers that love & specialize in what they do! We offer award winning Band and Choir courses; we boast a stellar Musical Theatre program with casts of 50+ students, and a Senior Fine Arts program that allows students to dive into building their University application Portfolio. If you can dream it—there’s a WGSS Arts Education course for you! Arts Education classes meet students where they’re at in both skill and ability. Arts Education is an integral part of learning to ‘think differently,’ problem-solve & allow students to learn new skills that will permeate throughout the rest of their classes and future. We want you to try as many elective classes as possible while they are free! You never know what might become a life-long area of passion! 

Prerequisites for some Arts Education courses are necessary, while many allow prospective students to join throughout their high school career. Please do not hesitate in contacting the teacher (lists found on OR by reviewing the online course guide for more information. We look forward to seeing you in the Arts!