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Prerequisite: none

Visual Arts 8 Term will provide students with an opportunity to try a variety of artistic mediums and improve upon their present skills. Visual Arts 8 will give students a ‘taste’ of art here at WGSS, where they will explore as many different mediums and creative processes as time allows. Students will have the ability to learn about different mediums (ex: graphite, watercolour, acrylic, etc.) over the duration of the course, in addition to having the opportunity to learn about historically significant artists and cultures over the course of their term. Students will be encouraged to explore the wide variety of artistic resources that will be made available to them—and will be guided through a variety of artistic techniques (ex: contour line drawing, perspective, light-source, colour mixing, drawing lessons, art history, etc.). Visual Arts 8 is all about exploration, and discovering the world of art. Students will leave Art 8 with a greater understanding of artistic techniques, skills, history, and resources.

Prerequisite:  none

Art Studio 10 continues to build on the foundation established in Visual Arts 8; however, students with little or no art experience are also welcome.  The projects in Art Studio 10 are designed to meet a wide range of students’ skill and experience in art.  Course material includes drawing, painting, design and graphics, 3D construction, printmaking, fabric art and some art history appreciation.  Students are expected to maintain a sketchbook.

Prerequisite: none

Art Studio 11 is an exciting foundational year for senior art.  Many new techniques and media will be introduced this year in preparation for Art Studio 12.  This is the year to explore and develop skills and techniques prior to entering the advanced levels of visual arts.  Students will continue to develop drawing, painting, print making and sculpting skills with an emphasis on image development, composition and design.  Critiques will occur in class and each student will be expected to maintain a sketchbook to aid in recording their ongoing development as an artist.  For beginner’s, this is a good opportunity to try something new despite being in Grade 11.

Prerequisite: Art Studio 11 or Studio Art 2D: Drawing & Painting 11 or Ceramics 11 or Photography 11

This course will bring all your art skills and knowledge together to create works in a variety of media and genres.  Through exploration of identity and self you will be challenged and surprised by the ability to overcome critical thinking problems and develop art works that you previously thought you could not possibly do.  If you can imagine it, we can do it! Advanced techniques in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and design will be examined as well as incorporating art history in a fun and interesting way.  Critiques will take place during classes and a sketchbook will be maintained by each student.  During the course, we will look at building a portfolio for those going on to post-secondary in Arts Education.

Prerequisite: none

Studio Arts 2D: Drawing & Painting 11 is designed for students wishing to intensively cover drawing and painting strategies introduced in Art Studio 10 and Art Studio 11 and develop skill in a variety of mediums. Drawings – pencil, charcoal, conte crayon, pen and ink, coloured pencil. Paintings – water colour, water crayon, chalk pastel and acrylics. Critiques will take place during classes and a sketchbook will be maintained by each student.

Prerequisite: Art Studio 11 or Studio Arts 2D: Drawing & Painting 11 or Ceramics 11 or Photography 11

This course is the advanced level of drawing and painting. It is designed to meet the needs of experienced students who wish to continue their education in art through drawing and painting. Critiques will take place during classes and a sketchbook will be maintained by each student. Those students wishing to continue in the visual arts at post-secondary will be able to build a usable portfolio for entrance application during the course.

Prerequisite: completed Drawing & Painting 12 and Art Studio 12 or permission of instructor

Haven’t had enough art yet? If you have completed both Drawing and Painting 12 and Art Studio 12 this is the solution for you. Advanced Arts Education 12 – Art is a student directed/ teacher supported course. In this course, you can choose your focal points. Perhaps you want to enhance and further develop your expertise in painting, expand your 2D or 3D techniques, or work in multi-media. The options are endless!  The goal is that you have an opportunity to really focus on the areas of visual arts that most intrigue and inspire you. Please feel free to see or message Mr. Gordon if you have any questions about this course.

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