Courses Offered

Prerequisite:  none

Emphasis in this course is on the four elements of drama as outlined above: cooperation, concentration, trust and self-control.  Students gain experience in improvisation, mime, speech and Readers Theatre.  Some historical context of theatre is studied and both improvised and scripted performances are produced.

Prerequisite:  none

Basic acting skills will be introduced through rehearsals and presentation.  The four elements of drama; cooperation, concentration, trust, and self-control, are important fundamentals of this course.  Through areas such as tableaux, mime, improvisation, voice, and scene work, we will continue to refine our core skills of acting.  Evaluation will be based on involvement and participation.  This course is highly participatory.

Prerequisite:  in Grade 10

Students will continue to develop skills in each of the four elements of drama through work in areas including movement, mime, improvisation, voice, and scene work/play building.  Ensemble performance and scene work will be introduced.  Evaluation will be based on involvement and participation.  This course is highly participatory.

Prerequisite:  in Grade 11 or 12 and Drama 10 recommended

This course requires students to have a strong understanding of the four elements of drama as this course explores the idea of ensemble and performance.  This course focuses on acting skills and will culminate in a variety of in-class/public stage productions.  Students will learn to use their bodies and voices expressively to develop character.  Through their work in theatre performance, students have opportunity to explore and develop expression, trust, and self-confidence.  Work will include monologues, scenes, and plays.  Students will also analyze and examine their own work and that of their peers.  This course is highly participatory.

Prerequisite:  Theatre Company 11

This course provides intensive study in the techniques outlined in Theatre Company 11.  In addition, acting styles relating to various periods in the history of theatre and styles appropriate to acting will be studied.  Performance opportunities both in class and in extra-curricular areas may be available to these students.  This course is highly participatory.

Prerequisite:  Theatre Company 10 or permission of instructor

This course is designed as an introductory course to directing scene work and scriptwriting for the stage.  Term 1 will focus on aspects of scriptwriting; Term 2 will focus on directing (students in short scenes) and preparation of a director’s book, and writing of an original script 10 – 15 minutes in length; Term 3 will consist of preparing the original script for production to a live audience.  On completion of this course, students should effectively lead small groups, produce a series of writing assignments geared to stage production, and have written and produced an original script.

Prerequisite:  Directing & Script Development 11 or permission of instructor

This course is designed for the drama student interested in directing other students in scenes, as well as writing his/her own plays.  On completion of this course, students should be able to lead a small group effectively, accept leadership of other students, direct a short scene with some competence, write a moderate length one-act play, know and use basic theatre, directional and script terminology, and for a final project, each student shall write and direct a one act play for public performance.

Prerequisite: in Grade 10, 11, or 12

Students in this course will be working alongside the Musical Theatre Company and/or on other performance projects happening in the school. Students will have the opportunity to work in the areas of set construction, lighting, sound, props, and costuming. Specific projects and roles will be determined as the course progresses.  It is expected that students will be contributing hours outside of class time to utilize the skills learned in a real performance setting.

Meets Wednesdays afterschool 3:00-5:30pm.

Prerequisite:  Drama 9 or permission of instructor 

Students will be expected to participate in an entrance audition in the spring. More information will be provided closer to that time via the information screen outside room 110.  

The purpose of this course is to encourage students’ appreciation, understanding, and performance of Musical Theatre, through the production of a yearly musical.  This course culminates in public performances in the spring.  Students will learn the skills, organization, demand, outcomes and rewards of being in a musical theatre production company.  This course is open to any student in Grade 9-12 who is willing to commit to the school production and all its rehearsals in and out of school time.  A calendar will be provided to the students in the first weeks of classes.  Students who enroll will receive credit for the appropriate performance or production course at the appropriate grade level.

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