Courses Offered

Prerequisite:  none

Learn how to operate a sewing machine, basic hand stitching and understanding pattern instructions.  Students will be practicing how to lay out a pattern, read instructions and problem solve with a hands-on approach to learning this new and lifelong skills.  Students will complete 3 projects; a pin cushion, tie dye draw string bag and zippered pencil case.  Students will have the chance to show their personality and design skills through their pin cushion and tie dye design as well as material choices for the projects. 

Pre-requisite:  in Grade 9 or higher

This is a beginner level course that introduces you to the sewing machine and over-locker, a variety of sewing techniques, garment construction, alterations, textiles art (hand embroidery) as well as basic mending. You will learn how to read a pattern, do basic pattern alterations, and understand basic design principles. This hands-on course is perfect for testing your problem-solving skills and will provide you with the knowledge of basic garment construction. The projects that will be completed through the year are: a phone holder, small zippered bag, lounge pants, hand embroidered project (holiday stocking/other project), and a hooded sweatshirt.  If time permits students will learn the basics of mending and repairing clothing finishing with an upcycled choice project

Special note: Students must supply their own material and basic sewing supplies.

Pre-requisite:  Level 1

This is an intermediate level textiles course designed to expand your sewing skills and knowledge to construct more difficult projects. You will be working with fabrics such as knits, stripes, plaid, satin, chiffon, and lace. You will learn how to match stripes and plaid, the art of fabric applique and sewing a garment with a zipper. Four projects will be completed through the course: knit shirt, applique pillow, striped bag, and a choice project that includes a zipper and the use of a more difficult fabric to handle.

Special note: Students must supply their own project materials, garment patterns and basic sewing supplies.

Pre-requisite:  Level 2

This advanced course focuses on more difficult techniques requiring precision and attention to detail. You will build on your sewing techniques by learning how to create a collar and cuff, sew knit fabric with the over lock machine, try three types of quilting applications as well as more advanced constructions techniques. Pattern alteration will also be put into practice as every project will need to be adjusted for a perfect fit. Four projects will be completed through the year: collared shirt or jacket, a quilted project, leggings, and a project of your own choice using a technique you have not tried before.

Special note: Students must supply their own project materials, garment patterns and basic sewing supplies.

Prerequisite: in Grade 10,11, or 12

Are you interested in the workings of the fashion industry? You will learn about the history of fashion, influences into the fashion choices, environmental issues that the industry has created and ways that sustainability is being looked at with various companies.  Your biggest project will be creating your own fashion brand.  You will come up with its name, logo, voice, colors and garments.  These will be done via mood boards and very basic hand or machine sewing/hot gluing. This course is self-directed, and a very strong work ethic and high level of interest is required.

Pre-requisite:  in Grade 9,10,11, or 12

Do you love to make your own Halloween, Cosplay, or Role play costumes? Do you like to re-purpose old clothing or want to work on movie or TV sets as a costume designer in the future?  This is the perfect course for you!  You will be designing, sewing, gluing, re-purposing and altering items to align with what each character will be wearing for our school’s annual Musical Theatre performance 

This is a rewarding hands-on class in which the costumes you create will be displayed and worn by the actors in the school’s performance.

Good work ethic and self-directedness is required.  Sewing skills are good to have, but not necessary.

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