Courses Offered

Prerequisite:  none

Content:  This course continues work begun in elementary school in oral and written communication and in listening and reading comprehension, using a communicative teaching approach and making use of different resources.  Verbs in the present tense, and a variety of basic language elements, are covered.

Prerequisite:  French 8

French 9 continues to develop students’ comprehension, writing and oral skills and more complex vocabulary and grammatical structures, via the communicative approach, within the context of a variety of themes.  Students are introduced to the future proche and the passé composé verb tenses.

Prerequisite:  French 9

Students further develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing, using the communicative approach.  A variety of themes provide the context for this course.  Emphasis is on distinguishing between présent, passé, compose, futur, and using these in context.

Prerequisite:  French 10

This course continues development of oral and written communication in French as well as advancing listening and reading comprehension of francophone media and literature.  Oral participation is simple but communicative French is emphasized.

Prerequisite:  French 11

French 12 is an advanced elective which further develops students’ skills in writing, understanding and speaking French.  Oral and listening activities enrich the program, but the emphasis is on reading creative, informative and authentic materials and on composition and grammatical skills.  This course is an academically approved Grade 12 course for post-secondary admission.

Prerequisite:  French 8

To be successful in Spanish 9, it is recommended that students have achieved at least a C+ in French 8.  Spanish 9 is designed for students with no previous knowledge of Spanish. The course is based on reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and on an appreciation of Hispanic culture.  It is extremely important to keep in mind that Spanish is an academic elective.  It is expected that students enrolling in Spanish 9 be prepared for the intensive workload of learning a completely new and exciting language.

Prerequisite:  Spanish 9

Spanish 10 builds on skills and knowledge acquired in Spanish 9.  A solid mastery of these skills is expected for those who decide to continue to this next level of the Spanish program.  Students will work on comprehension and expression along with everyday vocabulary and grammatical structures focusing on the present and future tenses.

Prerequisite:  Spanish 10

The Spanish 11 class builds on material learned in the two beginner’s courses to further develop communication skills in Spanish through listening, speaking, reading, and writing.  Oral communication comprises much of this course.  Each unit focuses on a different Spanish speaking country and enables students to continue to learn about Hispanic cultures.  Students should be prepared to write multiple paragraphs in the past, present, and future.  They will do many Q & As with the teacher, and perform many dialogues and monologues.

Prerequisite:  Spanish 11

This is an advanced Spanish language course intended to continue to refine the skills developed in the previous three levels of Spanish.  Hispanic culture and literature will be explored in greater depth.  This course will only be offered if enrollment is sufficient.  This course is an academically approved Grade 12 course for post-secondary admission.

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