Courses Offered

Students can choose Leadership in Athletics OR Athletics Service Leadership in each school year.  Students can choose Student Aide OR Gator Pod Leader only once each school year. 

Prerequisite: in Grade 11 or 12.

This course is run outside the timetable. It meets on Mondays at lunch and Wednesdays before school.

Our goal is to help our leaders learn how to inspire, motivate, and build community through athletics and sport.  Students will have the opportunity to discover their leadership potential and learn how to effectively utilize their leadership skills in different settings.  Students should expect a fun, engaging, self-directed, collaborative, but challenging experience infused with technology. 

Students are encouraged to sign up with friends and teammates as the course provides the opportunity for many cooperative group challenges.  Some of the larger scale group activities include organizing and executing the Terry Fox/TUFF WALLY challenge, organizing and executing a multi-sport intramural program, hosting the school’s annual Club Day, bringing the spirit to our school’s athletic events, and putting on the school’s Pep Rallies.  A class favourite also includes designing and executing a lesson in a junior PHE class. 

This course is ideal for students who are looking for potential careers in physical education, personal training, coaching, advertising/marketing, sports broadcasting or in recreation.  There will occasionally be a regular PHE component where students are physically active in class, this includes various field trips designed to introduce students to new recreational activities such as rock climbing, gymnastics, and skating. 

Prerequisite:  in Grade 10, 11, or 12

Athletic Service Leadership is for individuals interested in sports, supporting sports, and gaining experience in the sports realm. The course covers the key concepts and practical skills necessary for providing service to athletics in various settings and will work closely with the Athletic Director. The course will help develop the practical skills necessary for ensuring smooth and efficient athletic events, scorekeeping and officiating, event setup, and athletic promotion. Upon completion of the course, students will have a solid foundation in athletic event support and be equipped with skills to excel in the athletic field.

This course is run outside the timetable. It typically meets Tuesday morning and Wednesday afterschool, but the schedule will adjust significantly once the athletic seasons begin and will flex during each sport season.

Prerequisite:  must be in Grade 11 or 12. Students are unable to take Leadership – Gator Pod and Student Aide in the same year.

Leadership Gator Pod students design and carryout fun and unique challenges, as well as, build meaningful and supportive relationships with our Grade 8 students. Participants in this course will mentor students both academically and socially within the unique interdisciplinary environment provided by Gator Pod.  Some of the more notable tasks include helping organize and execute technology tutorials, Caine’s Arcade, House Cup celebrations, Genius Week, Terra outdoor survival simulation, Amazing Race, and Gators’ Den. The leaders are also asked to help organize Remembrance Day activities, coordinate the sponsoring of local families around the holidays, and finally to help reach out and visit with our school’s Explorations special education students.

Students should be team players, self-starters, strong communicators, good role models and enthusiastic about mentoring younger students. This course is designed for Leadership students who want to be a part of something special and who are interested in enriching their school community.

This course will be individually added to students’ schedules once the timetable has been finalized in June and thereby will not show in MyEd course verifications.

Students who are interested in being a Gator Pod Leader should speak to Ms. Barberis & Ms. Robinson. Students names will be added to a waitlist. Students must select 8 courses and Gator Pod Leaders will be added in July or August if this course fits with a student’s timetable.

Prerequisite:  in Grade 11 or 12. Students are unable to take Student Aide and Leadership – Gator Pod in the same year.

Student Aide 11/12 offers students an opportunity to work in a classroom under a teacher’s guidance and supervision while assisting, engaging, and encouraging the students with their class-related schoolwork and helping them develop the skills necessary for success in the classroom.  In addition, Student Aides will also have an opportunity to provide assistance to the teacher in improving the classroom climate and in a variety of organizational means.

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