Welcome to the Technology Education Department.  The WGSS Technology Education Department has one of the largest “Tech Ed” programs in the province and is accessible to all Walnut Grove students at any grade level.  We offer many courses and programs for students that are looking for hands-on experiences to enhance their learning.  Learn more about our programs with our feature videos here.

  • Entry to Technology Education courses is determined by prerequisites or skill level. 
  • Grade 8 level courses are open to all grade 8 students.
  • Level 1 courses (Grade 10 credit earned) are open for all Grade 9 or 10 students.
  • Level 2 courses (Grade 11 credit earned) need the Level 1 prerequisite or can be taken by any Grade 11 or 12 Student
  • Grade 12 courses (Grade 12 credit earned) must have the Level 2 prerequisite before enrolling.  Multiple grade 12 courses in the same program can be taken simultaneously.

**All Technology Education Department courses use special Ministry of Education course codes, therefore the names of course codes may not match with what you see on your transcripts.

Courses Offered

Prerequisite: none, in Grade 9 or 10

Tired of walking? Do you want to take advantage of all the different forms of power we have at our disposal to move us from place to place?  Mechanics Level 1 is an introduction into the internal combustion engine, (students will have an opportunity to disassemble and reassemble entire engines), electric motors, and all the other crazy inventions humanity has come up with to move us from point A to B.  You will even have the opportunity to construct a vehicle of your own.

Prerequisite: Mechanics Level 1 or in Grade 11

This mechanics course in which students will continue to learn about engines, including service and repair. Along with engine theory and labs, students will also start working on vehicles, performing tasks such as changing a tire, doing an oil change, brake inspections and much more.  The course may also cover alternative fuels/energies, other types of engines, hydraulics and aerodynamics.  Mechanics Level 2 is for those who enjoy working with their hands, problem solving, and repairing mechanical devices. 

Prerequisite: Mechanics Level 2

Automotive Technology 12 is designed for students interested in auto repair and for students who wish to enter one of the many trades related to the automotive or transportation fields.  This course covers: proper care and use of tools and shop equipment; chassis lube and maintenance; brake systems; manual and power steering; suspension systems; automotive engines and power train basics; proper diagnostic procedures for troubleshooting and repair; and automotive parts and ordering procedures.

Prerequisite: Mechanics Level 2

This course focuses on the power train of old and new vehicles.  Students will inspect, service, and maintain engines, engine support systems and drive line components.  This course is for those who want to get serious into a career in the automotive world.

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