Welcome to the Technology Education Department.  The WGSS Technology Education Department has one of the largest “Tech Ed” programs in the province and is accessible to all Walnut Grove students at any grade level.  We offer many courses and programs for students that are looking for hands-on experiences to enhance their learning.  Learn more about our programs with our feature videos here.

  • Entry to Technology Education courses is determined by prerequisites or skill level. 
  • Grade 8 level courses are open to all grade 8 students.
  • Level 1 courses (Grade 10 credit earned) are open for all Grade 9 or 10 students.
  • Level 2 courses (Grade 11 credit earned) need the Level 1 prerequisite or can be taken by any Grade 11 or 12 Student
  • Grade 12 courses (Grade 12 credit earned) must have the Level 2 prerequisite before enrolling.  Multiple grade 12 courses in the same program can be taken simultaneously.

**All Technology Education Department courses use special Ministry of Education course codes, therefore the names of course codes may not match with what you see on your transcripts.

Courses Offered

Prerequisite: none

Have you ever built something amazing in Minecraft or spent hours honing your skills as a Master Lego Builder? Welcome to the world of Design.  Drafting & Design 8 takes all those skills that you already have and teaches you how to take them to the next level.  You will learn 3D design software to create drawings that become a set of instructions for your amazing ideas!  This course will also help you with your drawing and sketching abilities.

Prerequisite: none, in Grade 9 or 10

Your basic understanding of technical drawing and design is about to be taken to the next level.  Level 1 will focus on CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to begin to hone your ability to take your design ideas and put them into print and models.  The goal of Drafting and Design is be able to take what is in your mind and create a set of drawings that someone could build your idea from.

Prerequisite: Drafting Level 1 or in Grade 11.

Let’s get technical!  Drafting and Design Level 2 will use all of your skills in CAD (Computer Assisted Design) to build the home of your dreams and various other challenges that focus on sustainable building practice, budget constraints and time lines.  This course will focus on employable skills, getting you ready to build a portfolio that will get you a career in Architecture, Drafting and Design.

Prerequisite: Drafting Level 2

Using advanced Architectural design programs such as Fusion 360 and Revit, Drafting 12 will let you show your skills through a series of design challenges and Independent studies.  This course will focus on building a portfolio to show to future employers, or for university entry requirements.

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