Welcome to the Technology Education Department.  The WGSS Technology Education Department has one of the largest “Tech Ed” programs in the province and is accessible to all Walnut Grove students at any grade level.  We offer many courses and programs for students that are looking for hands-on experiences to enhance their learning.  Learn more about our programs with our feature videos here.

  • Entry to Technology Education courses is determined by prerequisites or skill level. 
  • Grade 8 level courses are open to all grade 8 students.
  • Level 1 courses (Grade 10 credit earned) are open for all Grade 9 or 10 students.
  • Level 2 courses (Grade 11 credit earned) need the Level 1 prerequisite or can be taken by any Grade 11 or 12 Student
  • Grade 12 courses (Grade 12 credit earned) must have the Level 2 prerequisite before enrolling.  Multiple grade 12 courses in the same program can be taken simultaneously.

**All Technology Education Department courses use special Ministry of Education course codes, therefore the names of course codes may not match with what you see on your transcripts.

Courses Offered

Prerequisite:  none

This is an introductory course for students who want to explore the exciting field of Electronics & Robotics. Students will investigate various electronic components and robotic hardware through a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and fun take-home, hands-on projects.  The areas of focus will include a blending of safety, use and care of tools and equipment, introductory theory as it applies to direct current circuits, robotic sensors and operating systems. This course will conclude with a robotic assembly and obstacle course challenge.

Prerequisite: in Grade 9 or 10

This is a full year course for students who want to explore the exciting field of Electronics & Robotics. Students will look at the fundamentals of basic electronic circuits and key components: their device characteristics and behavioral patterns. Circuit analysis and trouble-shooting techniques will be covered to allow students to analyze them accordingly. This course will also focus on “Arduino”: an open-source hardware and software electronics platform, which continues to fuel a world-wide community of electronics engineers. Robotic theory and construction skills will be taught to allow students to participate in in-school and out of school competitions like the Skills Canada Sumo-Robotic Challenge.

Prerequisite: Electronics & Robotics Level 1 or in Grade 11 or permission of instructor

This course builds on the skills learned in the Electronics & Robotics Level 1 course, with a greater focus towards digital electronics and programmable integrated circuits.  Students will improve on their ability to read schematic diagrams, wiring diagrams, troubleshooting circuitry and on designing and developing printed circuit boards. Alternating current theory will be combined with residential wiring labs, where students will install common electrical devices and circuits in accordance with the Canadian Electrical Code. Note: projects and theory topics are dependent upon skill level and prior electronics experience.

Prerequisite: Electronics Level 2 or Robotics Level 2 or permission of instructor

Electronics 12 is an advanced course in Electronics/Electrical theory and project construction. Students will be required to complete projects in areas of their own interest. Many exciting opportunities present themselves at this level, such as advanced electrical wiring techniques in the field of security and/ or fire alarm systems or creating mind-blowing electronics projects with the ever-popular Arduino, an advanced open-source electronics project prototyping platform. Electronics 12 provides an excellent learning opportunity for those contemplating a career in either the Electronics or Electrical Trades.

Prerequisite: Electronics & Robotics Level 1 or in Grade 11 or permission of instructor

Do you want to change the world? Are you imaginative or innovative? Do you want to work with technology? Do you want to build robots, design code, or work in teams? Look no further. This is a hands-on course where students will have the opportunity to design, build, and program robots. Students will have the choice of competing as teams in the VEX robotics league(s), where teamwork and interpersonal skills will be strengthened in a fast-paced environment or compete in-class by building and programing “Smart Robot Cars.”  These smart cars are Arduino controlled robots that will teach students about motor driver boards, line tracking modules and various sensors that allow them to operate in autonomous and/ or driver control modes.

Prerequisite: Electronics Level 2 or Robotics Level 2 or in Grade 12 or permission of instructor

Create. Build. Amaze!  This course provides an excellent learning experience for those contemplating a career in the exciting field of Robotics. This is a fast-paced, hands-on course that extends the opportunity of designing, building, and programming robots.  Students will have the opportunity to compete in class, but also within the VEX robotics league. Depending on resources, students may also have the option of a designing, building and coding robots in conjunction with the First Robotics League.

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