Welcome to the Technology Education Department.  The WGSS Technology Education Department has one of the largest “Tech Ed” programs in the province and is accessible to all Walnut Grove students at any grade level.  We offer many courses and programs for students that are looking for hands-on experiences to enhance their learning.  Learn more about our programs with our feature videos here.

  • Entry to Technology Education courses is determined by prerequisites or skill level. 
  • Grade 8 level courses are open to all grade 8 students.
  • Level 1 courses (Grade 10 credit earned) are open for all Grade 9 or 10 students.
  • Level 2 courses (Grade 11 credit earned) need the Level 1 prerequisite or can be taken by any Grade 11 or 12 Student
  • Grade 12 courses (Grade 12 credit earned) must have the Level 2 prerequisite before enrolling.  Multiple grade 12 courses in the same program can be taken simultaneously.

**All Technology Education Department courses use special Ministry of Education course codes, therefore the names of course codes may not match with what you see on your transcripts.

Courses Offered

Prerequisite:  none

Beginners are encouraged and no experience is necessary. You can safely learn the skills you need while working on projects. Young people gain skills that build confidence, inspire creativity and instill responsibility.

Prerequisite: none, in Grade 9 or 10

In this class students learn techniques that are commonly used in the metal fabrication industry. Develop your technique with hand tools and become more familiar with power tools as you complete a number of small projects. Particular attention will be paid to proper fabrication and finishing techniques. Several small projects will be assigned, and different techniques will be discussed over the course of the class.

Prerequisite: Metalwork Level 1 or in Grade 11

After learning the fundamentals come take on more involved projects and designs in this course. This class is designed to offer students specialized skills that are used in the metal fabrication industry and can be applied to either practical or creatively inspired projects. Students will take on the plasma cutter, the machinist’s lathe, the break, finishing techniques and of course brushing up on your welding skills.

Prerequisite: Metalwork Level 2

Take your concept from a sketch to a finished piece. You will learn about proper layout techniques, structural basics, and efficient production methods, and how to use the specific equipment needed to turn your design into reality. You will be given the tools and encouragement you need to tackle your most challenging ideas.


Develop your basic blacksmithing skills and learn techniques such as scroll making, basic tool making and heat-treating. In the WGSS foundry, you can learn all the steps that go into making a piece of cast metal. Students will learn to effectively communicate by reading and creating sketches of an object in several views.


This class is an opportunity to become familiar with a number of forming processes such as: cutting, pressing, rolling, stamping, bending, and etching while completing a number of projects.

Prerequisite: Metalwork Level 2 or combined with Metalwork Level 2

In the machine shop you’ll learn the capabilities and scope of the milling machine and the lathe, which are the cornerstones of a machine shop and among the most complicated tools to operate. With these two tools, you can make almost anything out of metal with precision and accuracy.


We focus on four different kinds of welding: oxyacetylene gas welding, arc or stick welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding and tungsten inert gas (TIG). This class will inspire and guide you to the type of welding most appropriate to the project you want to complete or the direction you want to go.

Prerequisite: in Grade 10, 11, or 12.  No Metalwork experience necessary.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced craftsperson, our jewelry program is the place for you. This class will help you stretch your creative mind beyond the basics to transform your personal visions for your work into reality. Metal art promotes creative expression, reuse of materials, and innovative design.  Grade 11 students will be eligible to register for Metalwork 11 upon the successful completion of the course.

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