Our counsellors are available to assist students and their families in the following ways:

On the Counselling website there is a link to each member of the Counselling and Career Team. Students and parents are invited to book appointments here.

Students (or parents) may also make appointments to see a counsellor at the Counselling Centre or through the main office. Parents are also welcome to phone or email counsellors if they have any questions or concerns. Grade 9-12 students are encouraged to make appointments, as necessary, with their counsellor to ensure their program will allow for graduation and pursuit of their passions.

EXPLORING POST-SECONDARY CAREER PATHS –Comprehensive program for course planning, career exploration and post-secondary planning (activation key is WALNUTGROVE to set up a user account). – Comprehensive website for: planning post-secondary education options, searching for programs offered at various BC Institutions, applying to select BC Institutions. – Comprehensive program outlining career explorations and post-secondary link.

districtprograms – SD35 District Trades and Career Programs – BC apprenticeship/trades information. – BC comprehensive career and labour market site.


applyalberta – Post Secondary Registration in Alberta – Post-Secondary Registration in Ontario – USA Applications 

Contact Your Counsellor Today

Ms. R. Twemlow

Grade 9-11 | Last Name H-L
Grade 12 | Last Name A-P

Ms. S. Docherty

Grade 9-12  |  Last Name Q-Z
Grade 11 | Last Name A-G

Mr. I. Adrian

Grade 9-11 | Last Name M-P

Ms. A. Ruffo

Grade 8  |  All Students