There are a number of dates that provincial assessments are run at Walnut Grove each year.  Please look listen to the announcements, check My School Day app and look for information in Newsletters for dates and times of the assessments.

Students are allowed to write an Assessment up to three times. 

Literary Assessment for Grade 12s

Information about the Provincial Literary 12 Assessment can be found here.

Students are allowed to write the Assessment up to three times.

Important information from UBC:
BC high school students graduating in June 2022 who receive a UBC offer of admission will be required to demonstrate a Proficient level of performance on the Grade 12 Literacy Assessment to maintain their offer of admission.  This requirement must be completed by June 30, and final results are due by the end of July.  Applicants who do not achieve Proficient on the assessment will have their offer of admission reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Literary Assessment for Grade 12 French Immersion 
More information on the FI literary assessment assessment can be found here.

Literacy Assessment 10: 

More information on the literacy assessment can be found here.

Numeracy Assessment 10: 

More information on the numeracy assessment can be found here.


For More Information

Please contact Ms. Florko if you have any questions @  

BC Ministry of Education: Graduation Numeracy Assessment Information for Parents and Students 

Numeracy Tips Presentation

All Grade 10 students have been automatically registered for the assessment. Please note that the assessment can take up to three hours to complete.