Ministry of Education:  Student Transcript Service

The Ministry of Education distributes transcript information to post-secondary institutions (PSIs) based on the student’s selection of PSIs in the Student Transcript Service (STS).  Students can pre-order interim or final grades to be sent to PSIs directly from the Ministry of Education.  They may also be able to authorize select PSIs to retrieve ongoing transcript updates.  Distribution to PSIs occurs through a variety of mechanisms:  Students must create a Basic BCeID account to access their information.  Once a grade 12 student has created an account, they can then complete their PSI selections. 

Interim pre-orders for eligible PSIs must be placed by April 23 and final transcript pre-orders should be placed by July 10  Students may add to their selections at any time up until July 10, 2021.  Students may make up to 25 selections free of charge within six months of completing their last course.  After six months, students will be charged $10 per transcript.

The Ministry of Education no longer automatically mails a student’s final transcript to them after graduation.  Students must first confirm their current address by placing an order through the STS website and choosing the “Send a Printed Transcript by mail” option.  The $10 fee is waived for the first printed transcript order placed within six months after the student has completed their last course.   

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PSI Transcript Release Sheet Instruction
Student Transcript Service Information  
Student Transcript Service PowerPoint
Instructions for accessing Student Transcript Service

If you have graduated, you will use your STS account to order your transcript from the Ministry of Education 

WGSS Grade 10-12 Students or Graduate Transcript Requests
Important to note, PLEASE provide four full school/working days from the receipt of your transcript request to when it will be available for pick-up.  Plan ahead and allow for enough time.

1. WGSS Counselling Department will provide transcripts, free of charge, for current students as required for a specific situation.  For example, a highly competitive program like nursing, BCIT for admissions, scholarship applications, NCAA/US applications or institutions outside BC.

2. Transcripts for current students can be requested by sending an email to Ms. K. Ethier, Computer Operator in the WGSS Counselling Centre or completing this form and emailing it to Ms. Ethier (kethier​

3. Please note that WGSS does not mail out transcripts for current students.  The school provides a sealed transcript in an addressed envelope for your convenience. 

​For a detailed resource, please also see STS Help Manual.

Transcript Requests for Former Graduates
If you are a former student, you can request a transcript through the Ministry website.

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Please note:  Ministry transcripts are only Grade 10-12 marks.  Students applying to the United States or to the NCAA, will need to request a Grade 9-12 transcript from WGSS.