At WGSS we believe in the value of in-person learning.  We appreciate when students have the opportunity to interact with their peers and be a part of the school community.  Particularly in courses such as the Languages and Math, we have found that many students are not successful when they work independently on courses on-line. The majority of students do not complete their on-line courses.

 We do recognize that there are times when a family makes the decision to take a course online.  The procedure to do this and stay enrolled at WGSS is as follows:

  1. Meet with your assigned counsellor to determine the impact and plausible outcomes of taking an off campus course. There are certain courses that WGSS does not permit students to take off campus.
  2. English Language Art courses and Career Life Connection/Capstone courses must be taken at WGSS.
  3. French Immersion students cannot take any French Immersion classes online. They must be taken at WGSS.
  4. Ensure that you are in a position to graduate and that you meet post-secondary admission requirements for your program of choice.
  5. Parents and students who have elected to register in off campus (online) courses need to verify that the course provider has sent the mark to the Ministry of Education upon completion. This ensures receiving graduation credit.
  6. Be aware that all post-secondary institutions have different deadlines for the completion of distributed learning courses. For example, some universities may require 100% completed as early as January 31.  Please check with the institutions to ensure the course will be counted for admission if necessary.
  7. Please be aware that WGSS students are required to have a full timetable of eight courses on their schedule.
  8. If a student enrolls in an off- campus course to advance e.g. (Career Life Education online) to make room for more academics, the course needs to be completed by May 15 in order to make timetable adjustments. August 15 is the final deadline for submitting online course marks. . Course request changes after this date will limit or may eliminate alternate course options.
  9. Online courses or any requirements for supervising online assessments will not be supported by Walnut Grove staff.

On Line Service Options

Langley Education Centre and UConnect have a higher success rate for students who take online classes.  In order to sign up for LEC or UConnect students need to meet with their WGS counsellor in order to get school permission.

  • Langley Education Centre (604.534.7155).  Grade 10-12 – direct instruction, on-line courses with directed learning 21405A 56 Avenue, Langley
  • UConnect
  • OnlineLearningBC – search engine of all on-line courses in BC: Provincial website with a comprehensive database of all distributed learning in the province (Grade 8-12)