Provincial Awards Program 

Five Scholarship Opportunities
(see descriptions below)

The Provincial Awards Program is intended to reward student achievement, motivate high school students to graduate, and encourage students to pursue further education through post‑secondary institutions and job-training programs. To be eligible for Provincial and District Scholarships a student must be enrolled in Grade 12 in a program leading to graduation in June, have a Social Insurance Number, and be a Canadian Citizen or a Permanent Resident.


Fifty-five BC Excellence Scholarships are available to recognize well-rounded BC graduates. Winners will have demonstrated community service, both inside and outside their schools, and shown aptitude and commitment to their chosen career paths. Winners receive a $5000 scholarship voucher to use for post-secondary tuition.  The WGSS Scholarship Committee may nominate one student to be considered for this award.  Additional information will be available through the Grad Newsletter.


The BC Achievement Scholarship recipients are determined by the Ministry of Education based on students’ achievement in Grades 10, 11, and 12 courses that satisfy BC Graduation Program requirements, including elective courses.  A cumulative average percentage is calculated on all Grade 10-12 marks in late October and the top 8000 students in the province each receive a $1250 voucher in November (after graduation) to be used towards post-secondary studies within five years from September 30 of a student’s graduation year.


The Ministry of Education District Authority Award recognizes students for excellence in one of the following chosen areas of interest or strength:

  • Indigenous Languages & Culture (commitment to language revitalization of indigenous culture in school or the community).
  • Arts Education (e.g. three courses in and/or out of school in one of Visual Arts, Dance, Drama or Music).
  • Applied Skills (e.g. three courses in one of Business Ed, Technology Ed, Computers, Home Economics).
  • Physical Activity (e.g. three courses in Physical Ed or Provincial/National participation in Athletics or Gymnastics).
  • International Language (studied three or more languages).
  • Community Service (local, global and cultural).
  • Technical and Trades Training (e.g. Carpentry, Automotive, Mechanics, Electrical, etc.)


A District Authority Application Form is available on the WGSS Counselling and Careers Website.  Generally, approximately 33 WGSS students win a District Authority Award and receive a $1250 scholarship voucher to use towards their post-secondary tuition. Students have up to five years to use the voucher they receive.


The Pathway to Teacher Education Scholarship (PTES) is awarded to 20 outstanding high school graduates who have demonstrated a commitment and aptitude for a career path in K-12 teaching. Each recipient will receive a $5000 scholarship voucher to use towards tuition in their teaching program at a designated BC post-secondary institution.  Students submit their application directly to the Ministry of Education on or before the deadline of February 28.  The voucher must be redeemed within seven years from September 30 of a student’s graduation year.


Youth Work in Trades (WRK):  Students enrolled in these courses go to work and attend high school at the same time while being registered with the Industry Training Authority as Youth Apprentices. Students who successfully complete the 16 credits may qualify for the WRK Scholarship – a $1000 automatic award available to students who report at least 900 hours to the ITA by December 31 of the year the student turns 19, maintained a C+ average in ALL of their Grade 12 courses, and successfully completed all four WRK courses.