The WGSS timetable is built by taking into account the original course requests students selected in February and verified in April.  When a student has selected a specific program or has specialized courses, this significantly reduces the flexibility for changes to students’ timetables. 

The last day to submit a Change Request for semester two is Jan 15. Students need to be attending the courses on their timetable until a change has been made. Changes can be viewed through MyEdBC once the timetables have been posted.

See all Course Offerings & Codes here

Timetables can be viewed on MyEdBC

View courses and teachers through student or parent portal.

Ensure your passwords are up-to-date prior to this date

Course Change Requests Priorities


(less than eight courses – Blocks A-D)


(doesn’t have pre-requisite; already has credit for a course on timetable)


(requirement necessary for graduation)

Course Change Process for Priority 1, 2, and 3

Click here for Grade 12 Study Block or Grade 11 Study Block forms

Drop-off at Counselling Office

PRIORITY 4: Elective Course Changes Form Open

Priority 4 Request – Elective Change .

Review Full/Cancelled courses through Course Offering tab.
Submit on-line Priority 4 change if course still available. Attend courses on timetable until MyEd reflects requested change.


Resource Team

Ms. P. O’Dell
Ms. S. Block
Ms. A. Loughrey
Resource Teacher


Mr. R. Janzen
Mr. P. Lincke

Student Aide Requests

Ms. A. Sargeant (main office)


Course Offers (shows full/canceled courses)
Course Change Process (links to submit change)

Link for Course Verification Requests (April)

All course verification change requests must be done using the following link.  Links will only be active during the provided open and close dates below 


OPENS: Apr 18

CLOSES: Apr 22

Summer/Online School

Any student that is planning to take a summer school course or an online course over the summer, please enter that information on the following form

Summer/Online School Plans

Please see below for the process that WGSS uses to collect student course requests

When building the WGSS’s master schedule, the following opportunities are provided to students to help ensure they have the required courses to meet graduation requirements:


  • Course Requests received in February
  • Course Verifications received in the spring.
  • Class Size and Composition requirements
  • Promotions in June (e.g. if a student was unsuccessful in a core course, the student will be re-enrolled in the required course to meet BC graduation requirements)
  • Summer Session Course Change Requests processed based on the information provided through the WGSS Form (changes are made, where possible, to accommodate student requests.  In some cases the course requested is at capacity so the change requested is not possible.
Students and their families should view their schedule through online MyEdBC.

August Course Change Requests


Incomplete Timetable

Student has less than 8 courses on timetable


Incorrect Timetable

Student does not have prerequisite or already has credit for the required course or is in an incorrect grade level


Require a Different Course

Student requires a course for post-secondary


Elective Change Request

Student wants change from original request

Note:  Requests for a different teacher cannot be accommodated due to high enrolment and class composition limitations.
Please see the timelines page for the dates when changes to your timetable may be submitted.