Our French Immersion program offers students the opportunity to learn subjects in an immersion context and to be able to attain a high level of fluency in the language by the end of Grade 12. The program intends to offer the best available courses and curriculum to compliment the studies of a student who would like to graduate one day with a bilingual provincial Dogwood certificate and be ready to take the international DELF evaluation.

Students in French Immersion have been enrolled in either early or late French Immersion programs in elementary school. There is no fee for the program. French Immersion students take four of their eight courses in French during their Grade 8 year, four courses in Grade 9 and three courses in French 10. In Grade 11 there are two courses, ending with one course in Grade 12.

As of September of 2021 our French Immersion classes have shifted to a Bring Your Own Laptop programme.  For September 2022 our Grade 8 and Grade 9 students bring their own laptop to their French Immersion classes.

Course Selection Through the Years


(four required courses)

  • Sciences 8
  • Education Physique et Santé 8
  • Français Langue 8
  • Sciences Humaines 8


(four required courses)

  • Français Langue 9
  • Education Physique et Santé 9
  • Français Littérature 9
  • Sciences Humaines 9


(three required courses)

  • Français Langue 10
  • Études Cinéma et Littérature Franco 11
  • Sciences Humaines 10


(two required courses)

  • Langue et Culture de la Francophonie 11
  • Exploration en Sciences Humaines et Sociales 11


(one required course)

  • Français Langue/Littérature 12

French Immersion Completion

For successful completion of the French Immersion program, students must write and pass the French literacy exit exam in grade 12. 

More information can be found at the following link:

Immersion Opportunities

British Columbia/Quebec Six Month Bilingual Exchange Program

The BC–Quebec Exchange Program enables BC students in grade 10 and 11 to spend 3 months living in Quebec. Students must apply in grade 9 or 10 to go on exchange the following year. There is no application fee for the program, and all travel costs are covered by the Ministry of Education.


The Explore bursary covers room, board and tuition for full-time students enrolling in a five-week French immersion program. Anglophone students with Grade 11 or higher can apply for the bursary. Students who successfully complete this exchange can use it as credit for graduation.  Please visit www.myexplore.ca for further details and an application form.

DEstination Clic

Destination Clic similarly offers a bursary covering room, board and tuition for a three-week immersion program for francophone students in Grades 8 and 9. Please visit www.destinationclic.ca for further details and an application form.


Odyssey is a paid full-time work experience program that allows students to travel within Canada, gain experience in a school environment and share their cultures. Students work as language-assistants under the supervision of a teacher, encouraging students to improve their knowledge of language and culture. Academic credits are available for this program.. Please visit www.myodyssey.ca for further details and an application form

Senate Page Program

This unique opportunity is something senior students could consider. Fifteen university students are selected from across Canada every year to participate in this program. Students who participate find it to be a positive, life changing program.