Gator X Course Selection Forms

About Gator X

Gator X is a community of students with Mild Intellectual Disabilities (MID) and Moderate to Profound Intellectual Disabilities (MPID) that have been identified by the District as Complex Resource students. 

Student schedules are individualized and designed around 5 pillars: 


Modified Numeracy and Literacy courses are offered to build on student skills and direct these skills toward practical uses. 


Explicit teaching of social skills and appropriate behaviour, and how to be safe and active members of the community. 


Explicit and hands-on teaching of employment skills, cooking, and leisure skills so that students can have an independent and enriched adulthood. 


Empowering students with a knowledge of hygiene, nutrition and the importance of physical activity that they can do independently 


Each student has a different balance of time spent in the modified courses within the Gator X classrooms, and classes in the greater school community that they can attend with specialized SEA support.