Student Aide 11/12 offers students an opportunity to work in a classroom under a teacher’s guidance and supervision while assisting, engaging, and encouraging the students with their class-related schoolwork and helping them develop the skills necessary for success in the classroom.  In addition, Student Aides will also have an opportunity to provide assistance to the teacher in improving the classroom climate and in a variety of organizational means.

Students can request to be Student Aides in a variety of different subject areas working with a teacher with whom they feel comfortable.

Student Aide Expectations:

  1. To attend and be punctual for every Student Aide block. Should a Student Aide be absent, it is expected that they communicate this absence to the teacher before it occurs.
  2. A Student Aide should be at least one grade higher than the students they are working with
  3. They should have completed the course content previously, or a more challenging course in the same subject area (Example: A French Immersion 12 student could be a student aide for a French 8 class even though they never took French 8).
  4. Students should be a student aide for a teacher that has taught them in a previous course.

Student Aide blocks will not be added to students’ schedules until after the timetable has been finalized in June.  Therefore, students must select a course in MyEd which will be dropped if the Student Aide block works with their schedule.

The Student Aide course is located within the Leadership dept.