The department of Student Support Services offers a wide variety of supports for students with learning difficulties and/or special needs. Placement is by referral, assessment and/or recommendation. A flexible approach is taken to facilitate individual needs. Levels of support could include: as-needed support by a case manager, access to resource room support for tests or assignments on a drop-in basis, or a scheduled support block as part of the timetable. 

Resource support is a team-based approach for designated1 students, in Grades 8-12 who require additional academic or socio-emotional support in order to be successful. These classes are designed to build the foundational skills for student success of organization, executive functioning, communication, self-regulation, study skills and academic support. 

Learning Assistance (LA support) is a student-centered environment, Grades 8-12, where students receive academic support and executive functioning skill building to support their learning.  

An important objective of the student support services is the inclusion of students, as far as is practicable, in regular school programs.  Students with special needs can graduate in the traditional manner2 and will be awarded graduation credentials based on their particular program(s) of study.

For specific questions please contact Sabrina Block, or Patsy O’Dell,, the Co-Department Heads.

1students with an official ministry of education designation (LD, ASD, PD/CHI etc.) which has been confirmed by the school district.

2students with special needs graduate in the traditional manner by either:

  • meeting provincial graduation requirements and learning outcomes and graduating with a Dogwood Diploma.
  • meeting the education goals stated in their individual education plan (IEP) and graduating with an Evergreen school completion certificate.

Any student with a Ministry of Education designation can request a resource support block in place of one of their elective choices. Any other student who would like a support block must speak with their grade counsellor, who will complete a School-Based Team referral on their behalf. Our School-Based Team will meet and discuss needs and a decision will be relayed to the student and parent/guardian(s). If a support block is approved, it will replace one of the student’s elective choices.